Adult & Teen Acne are not the Same


Acne can occur in adults as well as teenagers. Many factors can contribute to this skin condition, including hormonal changes, oily skin and eating the wrong foods. Some of these causes of acne affect adults more than teens and vice versa. For most people the causes of acne during the teen years aren’t the same for adults. Knowing the differences in the cause of acne can greatly improve the odds of quick treatment and the clear skin you want once again.

One cause of acne, insufficient eating habits, affects both teens and adults alike. Green, leafy vegetables are important to consume each week in your diet. Without these vegetables the odds of developing acne are doubled. Spinach, green beans and broccoli are three delicious foods to add to your diet to help decrease acne outbreaks.

Teenagers acne is often caused by hormonal changes. As teenagers enter puberty hormones are sent skyrocketing into higher-than-normal levels. This causes an overproduction of sebum, the oil gland found in the skin, which clogs the pores with dirt and bacteria that cannot escape. Often hormonal changes are not to blame for adult acne, expect in the case of pregnant woman and acne caused by medications.

Keeping the skin cleansed is important. This is usually a problem for adults suffering with acne. Each day the face should be washed with a cleanser designed for acne treatment, followed by a moisturizer. Ensure that you choose something designed for your skin type, whether it be oily, dry or sensitive. Keep in mind that there are washes and cleansers designed for both teens as well as adults. It is essential to purchase the product accordingly. Does Proactive really work? Yes, it does! Pro Activ is an amazing product to treat adult acne while Clean & Clear is perfect for teens.

Wash the face twice per day; once when you wake up and again before bed time. Another important tip- use your products as directed. Some people wrongly assume that using more will not hurt, but in the case of treating acne it could cause more damage than good. And of course missing out on cleansings is the last thing that you want to do.

Whether you are an adult or a teenager understanding acne, as well as the things that can contribute to an outbreak, can greatly aid in the successful treatment of your condition. Knowledge is the power to a beautiful, smooth and clear complexion in no time at all!